What is The Kickass Company?

A membership-based marketing training program for entrepreneurs and marketing professionals who are dedicated to making their dreams come true, set and hit crazy goals, and who have decided it’s time to level up their business and their life.

Who is behind this Kickass Company?

The Kickass Company is the brainchild and passion project of two marketers – Heather and Robby, owners of HALA Connected – a marketing agency in Eastern Canada.

We created this membership site to serve those incredible entrepreneurs who currently have more time than money and can’t afford (YET) to outsource their marketing. We want to teach you to do it right, and teach you how to do it without frustration, stress, or burnout. And then when you’ve got more money then time, we want to be your first choice for partnership. (Transparency rocks, people!)

We’ve also created The Kickass Podcast (available wherever you listen), and host both open and private 3-day Kickass Business Retreats…and as of writing this content, Heather is currently in the first stages of writing a book currently titled “The Kickass Life: A Neurotic’s Handbook for Becoming Unfuckwithable” which will be published at some point in the future. Like way in the future. And after a long nap.

What we offer

You will have access to a minimum 8 new videos every month, covering marketing, branding, social media, technical stuff, and of course mindset!

Plus you and all of our members will have access to the full library of videos so you never have to worry about missing out if you have a busy week or month! (Say buh-bye to FOMO!)

How it works

Sign up today and for $20/month (that price will last until the end of 2020, but not beyond) you can take in the video training, of course – and as an added bonus you can join the Kickass Facebook Group where you can share ideas, get opinions, ask questions, and give and get feedback from our incredible group of powerhouses.

What else comes with the membership?

On top of the training and the Facebook group, our first 25 members will also get one 30 minute goal setting session per quarter with Heather via Zoom! Set each quarter up for success, and watch your dreams build faster than you could have imagined. (Longer sessions are available for a fee, with first priority given to Collective members.)